Cu Cat has got lost in the factory - he's stuck in the warehouse trying to find his way home.

Can you guide him through the maze of crates?

Solitaire brought into the 21st century!

A simple game involving playing cards in a new way, inspired by some of the most popular number games out there.

Travel down a 3D tunnel of black and white squares -- move forward by tapping the black square closest to you - but you've got to be careful, tap a white square and it's game over! 

A Rat, A Maze and some Cheese! Can you guess what happens next?

Help our ratty friend find the cheese inside the maze.

A simple concept, but amazingly addictive to play, Letters will have you combining the same letters in an attempt to create the elusive 'J' and get a crazy high score.

Ever wish you could build a maze in your own backyard and roll a baseball through it? Well, even if you didn't, you can still enjoy solving these crazy mazes with a flick of your finger. Roll your way through 100 pre-set mazes of increasing difficulty, or play an unlimited number of random mazes just for fun. Compete with your friends for the top total score or with players all around the world!